What is illumnus?

It is the next generation Learning Management Software (LMS) Platform focused on Collaborating teaching & learning.

Who is the platform for?

illumnus is for students and teachers in the schools, colleges & coaching institutions.

Can it be used by an individual student?

Not Yet. Please ask your school/college to contact us. We will visit and deploy to your school.

Does Illumnus offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes. The software is specifically made for student-teacher collaboration within the classroom.

Does Illumnus offer an API?

Yes, We provide custom APIs based on the various requirements.

Who are the main user groups of illumnus?

The product is for Schools as well as for universities. The main user groups will be:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Institute Administration

What is illumnus generally used for?

This is for collaboration among students and teachers in an institute.

  • Users can share all sorts of digital content (eg. Articles, Youtube/Vimeo videos) within the classroom.
  • Teachers can conduct quizzes, post assignments, and notices in the classroom in a very interactive manner.
  • Students can raise queries and collaborate in the respective courses/subjects.

How can any student or teacher use the platform?

illumnus works seamlessly on all the devices and platforms. It can be accessed through the Android Application, iOS Application and Web Application. Every student and teacher in the partner institution is provided their separate Login credentials, using which one can access the courses and course materials.

Does illumnus integrate with any other apps?

Currently, it’s a standalone application. Though, we are soon bringing support for integration with Google Education and the existing ERP systems in the institutions.

Does Illumnus offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes. We work closely with the institutes and provide free introductory support to the institute entities.