A digital platform as simple as Whatsapp which takes care of all your institute needs

Live classes with multi-user whiteboard

360-degree parents app 

True collaborative learning

Teacher & student performance analytics

illumnus lms product

Salient features

  • In-class video streaming
  • Multi-user whiteboard
  • In-class polling
  • Auto-graded exams
  • Real-time performance tracker
  • Teacher engagement stats
  • Direct messages

illumnus is centralized

Say bye-bye to using chatting apps, video conferencing tools, emails, drives, your ERP, and a hundred other apps and tools for your schoolwork! illumnus is created by a team of academics and supported by teachers, parents, and schools to take care of all your needs in one single app!

illumnus is centralised
illumnus is simplified

illumnus is simplified

We understand that you are tired of all the Learning Management System from the 1800s and we are too. Your app illumnus is the most simple yet complete app for you at school; it feels like you are using Whatsapp!

illumnus is collabarative

Unlike the freely available video conferencing tools and LMS products, illumnus brings together all stakeholders: teachers, students, school administration, and parents on one platform. Now you can collaborate flawlessly with our advanced communication-enhancing tools and focus on what matters most – learning!


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illumnus lms product