Envisioning Education 2.0

It all started in 2011 when the idea of illumnus was conceived by our founder Mr. Akash Singhal, then, a student at IIT Bombay. In his classes, he was first introduced to a system of Moodle and concepts like Flip Classroom. He soon began to realize the potential of a Learning Management System (LMS) and how little of it was being used. What followed was brainstorming and research on how a new-age digital platform would look like and how technology could help improve learning outcomes and help schools and colleges stand out.

illumnus, thus created, is the brainchild of a clan who very strongly felt that the educational infrastructure needed an update. At a time when the adoption of technology in educational institutes was still picking up, our founders envisioned something bigger than a traditional Learning Management System for education. What started as a digital platform for a classroom in 2018 has grown up as a full-blown ecosystem of teachers, students, parents, and educational institutes today. Today, illumnus is an integrated Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for premier educational institutes that is designed to make learning simple and collaborative.

‘The chaos of online content or the absence of it cannot fulfill a child’s quest for education’. illumnus is a system where education is no more institutionalized; so that teachers empowered by technology have more freedom to impart knowledge and ideas and the students get more exposure. The ultimate aim is to turn it into a network open for better collaboration on both an intra and inter-organization level.

Supported by our investors from Dubai and our clients in India, UAE, and UK, we continue building for a better tomorrow!



Akash Singhal

Akash Singhal

Founder & CEO

Devashish Saxena

Devashish Saxena

Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer

Hrishikesh kulkarni

Hrishikesh Kulkarni

Growth & Investment

harsh goyal

Harsh Goyal

Business Development 

Kareem Khan

Kareem Khan

Software Developer 

Vaibhav joshi

Vaibhav Joshi

Mobile Developer 


Tanushree More

Customer Success

Aditya Hari

Akshaya Singhal

Cofounder & CPO

Gauri Dehankar

Cofounder | Chief of Strategic Partnerships 

Aditya Hari

Aditya Hari

Operation Manager

Anamika Pareek

Anamika Pareek

Quality Assurance 

Balakrushna Jadhav

Balkrushna Yadav

Software Developer 

Ipsitaa saini

Ipsitaa Saini

Content Marketing 

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Our investors

Mosam Gadia

Tarun Mehta

Managing Director, TMM Consultancy

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