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Let Illumnus assist you in bridging the gap between traditional learning and e-learning using the myriad of features proffered by us, an overview of which is as follows:

Virtual classroom


Each classroom is like a Whatsapp group with additional features like assignment creation and submission, exam conduction, live classes etc. This helps the teacher to share all important updates and digital study material easily. illumnus also enables students to have a one-on-one interaction with their teachers and with each other.


A mobile repository of information ‘The Explore Library’ is a compilation of curriculum-wise content categorized by concepts and topics for everyone to refer to. ‘My Library’ caters to the needs of the teachers and students and acts as a haven for them to bookmark, store and revise content anytime.

Content Library


illumnus is the first product to provide teacher-analytics in the Admin app which helps institutes with their accreditation process. Using performance-based analytics, the teachers and parents can also analyze the areas where a student is excelling and where he/she needs guidance effectively.

parents app


illumnus has developed an app exclusively for parents to track the academic performance and extra-curricular activities of their children in school in real-time. Parents can be aware of their child’s course-wise performance, assignments and quizzes submitted by him/her, events in the school, notices etc. The parents can even contact the administration regarding any issue, hence, making communication faster, easier and efficient.

parents app
interactive learning


Automated quizzes, assignments and Q&As improve the student-teacher communication. With the help of content sharing, students will not miss out on important notices and announcements. With real-time monitoring of online examinations, the teachers will truly have the opportunity of evaluating the calibre of their students and can guide them accordingly based on their grades which again is automated.

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