Climate change is real! It’s happening right now.

It isn’t just about our environment, it’s more linked to us because we are the environment.”

– Rohit Saha

Every day when you check out the news headlines, you probably go through a lot of different stories over a lot of different genres. But, one kind of story that is distinctive in itself and maintains its position in the headlines do somewhat look like this, “Sea levels rising”, “Rare species going extinct”, “Cities choking”, “Water Crisis”…   All this flash news indicates to one villainy phenomenon, Climate change. So, what is it? It technically means that earth’s ventilation system has gone haywire and that in turn means it needs to be fixed ASAP. 

Now, this should not only be limited to daily chai talks but we need to change the way we talk about climate change. And, it is not a distant problem, 

Climate change is real. It is happening right now.

– Leo Dicaprio

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It has taken its toll on the planet by a lot of different means, its everything bad you hear about nature every day, be it Jakarta Sinking, Californian wildfires, Cyclone Fani or Paris heating up. Think of it like this, if it’s summer there will surely be a drought! if it’s rainy then flood is coming up anytime and in winter? best recommended getting your warmest clothes.

Cities would be choking, deserts reaching up to human mainlands and seas gulping up human backyard!

So, who’s doing all this? Who’s the actual culprit? Reports state 95% of human activities are the sole reason. It isn’t just about our environment, it’s more linked to us because we are the environment. Having showers, eating good food, living in a decent room could be a luxury some day as, water, plants and land are linked up by the same string, we are playing right now. 
Scientists have long been saying upon this. However, it’s a lot trickier done than it is said, considering the huge variety of agendas we have to deal with. It’s high time we should revert from kicking the cans considering there is no quick duct tape to cover this. 
The effective solution that is prescribed by ecologists that would give a cure to our ill planet is to reduce our carbon footprint, which is basically how much carbon dioxide we are putting up in the air due to our various activities. Researches have estimated that by 2050 we need to cut down our CO2 emissions by 100% to limit the earth’s temperature by 1.5-degree Celsius. Keeping the same objective in mind, more than 50% of our electricity should be sourced from renewable inputs.
As the situations going on are still reversible, Global leaders have stepped up on it and named it as “Paris Agreement”, which mainly aims to keep global temperature checked by 2-degree centigrade. In developing countries like India, Govt has taken wide ranging policies and set up projects to tackle with such problems. Much in the corporate boulevard, several private companies have come forward in dealing with this, like Virgin Atlantic, a US-based airline saved up to 7000 tonnes of fuel by adjusting their flight settings. Also, in Delhi, several offices have re-innovated their rainwater harvesting systems to deal with the water crisis. Not just the big names, even we can do something in this regard, like using up less electricity, less fuel and a lot of “less” on anything that adds up to CO2 footprint. Amidst all of this less, what certainly “more” we can do is- plant trees and aware people. A lot of them. Recent studies found that to cope up with the CO2 emissions 1.5 trillions of plants are to be planted. A recent finding says that, a little over 50% of americans think global warming isn’t going to affect them, in such cases Mass awareness should be spread first by any means possible to tell people about the growing issue.

The greatest irony can be felt that climate change is a direct result of human intervention in Mother nature’s daily prologue and it will stand as humanity’s biggest challenge if not checked upon with immediate measures. We still have some clock left in our hand that, climate change isn’t just a book talk or may be polar bears crying off the melting ice caps. It’s happening everywhere around the world and the effects are certainly piling up.

If we do want a good grade in our environment subject, we got to shoo this massive problem or else the Armageddon is just around the corner eating up a burger. It’s time for we as humans to wear our red cape and be the superheroes of our world.