How do you think education is going to transform over the next decade?
  • The education system of the majority of the world is based on British education of the factory model from the colonial era.
  • Thus the first change which I see is in terms of the physical arrangement of the classroom. • The teacher needs not to be in front, they need to be facilitators engaging with the students.
  • The second change which I see is in terms of integration of technology and education due to environmental as well as congenital reasons which makes understanding better.
  • Technology in education will become more important to make the students global citizens of a very connected world.
How efficient is the current advancement of technology in education?
  • In terms of education advancement smart boards are the only widely adopted technology by most schools right now.
  • If you ask me if they are efficient right now, my answer would be no but yes they are capable of transforming if teachers are trained thoroughly for it.
How is your school working on integrating technology with education?
  • Ours is a progressive school with a female lead workforce like the majority of schools. The teachers here are hungry for knowledge and we harness that properly by training them to use technology for reducing their burden. Also, we make them realize how efficient technology is for keeping our children updated.
  • We are the first school in Rajasthan that had adopted smart board in 2007-8 as well as we were the first one to have customized mobile application.
  • We are continuously looking for the new medium through which we can make the transfer of knowledge from teacher to students seamless.
What is your opinion on the future of education, jobs and technology?
  • My opinion is that every prediction should be based on data.
  • So according to various reports and data, the top-7 jobs in 2025 don’t exist today.
  • Similarly, the top jobs right now couldn’t be predicted in past without data.
  • The first thing we need to do for preparing students for the future is to train them to see the changing trends and preparing them according to it. Artificial intelligence and the ability of human interaction looks big upcoming future trends. I think the future of the job market would largely depend on the balance of technology and human emotion.
What is the one message you would like to give to the future generation? What sort of world they should be prepared for?
  • One very important message which I believe should go there is, “How to deal with failures”?As we live in a society where all the focus is on success and nobody talks about failing. Failures are inevitable and they are bound to come. So if you aren’t prepared for failures then you are in deep deep trouble.
  • The world today is arranged where successful people are worshipped, but what about people who are trying hard. There is so much light on the success that our eyes aren’t bound to adjust during darkness caused by failures. If we take failures as pure information and data without integrating emotions with it. Failures are a sign that something went wrong and which should be corrected. If somebody learns to treat failures like this they are on a highway to success
  • The world which they should be prepared for should be to fight to make this world a place suitable for living. People like Greta Thunberg are fighting hard and questioning world leaders then it becomes our responsibility to make this world a sustainable place.